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Yiğit Dündar

Born in Konya in 1987, the painter who started to follow his passion for painting at the age of three, comes to be known as an internationally recognized artist. Subsequent to his graduation in 2005 from the Faculty of Architecture at Yeditepe University, Dündar attended the post-graduate program in plastic arts at the same university.


"My paintings are a visual reflection of the effect of human feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body, it is a complicity between the body and the sensations" says Dündar who thinks that human body is the only way to reflect those feelings and continues; "I try to explain people's problem, their inner struggles, their contradictions but also their own passions and stories through human body."


Influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque era artists, the painter who wished to have lived in that period, says being taken with those artists’ endless courage that shaped his art. Dündar's paintings are a modern interpretation of the classical Renaissance and Baroque style. His aim is to reach a personal expression between a figurative and realistic search and concept in the contemporary painting art. Human being is at the centerpiece of the paintings of the artist who follows main influences without losing from his own nature.

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