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ULAS BAKIR - Mr. Cooper

May the 15th 1977 Ulaş Bakir was born and raised in Istanbul. His mother had Yugoslaivan/Turkısh roots. 

He studied Finance Business at Yıldız Teknik University as well as Web & Graphic Design at the “Bilge Adam Academy” later he worked as analysis specialist at the world wide known apparel and fashion companies. 


He created highly expressionistic work that mixed graffiti and signs with the gestural and intuitive approach of abstract expressionist painting.


Although much of his work addressed his personal angst in highly stylized self expressions,  who paints unseen, unknown, imaginary characters on found recycled materials such as canvas, wood, metal or anything depicts the moment of the baby's birth and his/her entry into life from the mother's womb into his works. 


He emerged in the aboveground Istanbul art scene at age 44, about the time that a resurgence of expressive paintings was at its height, and participated in his first in formal public exhibition represented by major blue-chip “Gama Gallery”in September 2021 .The style of the paintings known as for his raw gestural style of painting with graffitti like images and scrawled text named as “So much things to say “


November the 30th 2021 Bakir Represented by major blue-chip Gama Gallery in “Art Miami “


In Nowember 2021 Inspiring Art Show ” IAAF”featured Bakir, from there his paintings skyrocketed and bought by well known art collectors. 


Bakir was the subject of the articles by art critics “Art Dog” “Hillsider” Artholik” 


Appered on the leading daily new paper cover of “Hürriyet Kelebek “ Milliyet Cadde” “Sabah” “Bugün”  


His work of art  interwieved on the National and İnternational Tv Channels such as Cnn, Ntv , Show Tv , Bloomberg .

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