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Taner Şekercioğlu

Born in Bursa, Turkey in 1968.
Studied Architecture (BArch) and Photography (MFA). 
Practiced architecture and interior design for more than thirty years.
Managing partner of Kilit Tasi Design Ltd, a prominent industrial design practice in Turkey.
Founding member of BARBAR Independent Design Initiative.
Organized exhibitions with Conceptual Product Design themes.
Focuses on individual art production since the pandemic, designing multilayered landscapes and wall sculptures using mostly paper, but also fabrics, pvc foam, felt and natural stone. 

Exhibitions :
1986 BURSA, Photographs, Group
1996 UNDERGROUND, Photographs, Solo
2007 BARBARIANS’ BANQUET, Conceptual Product Design, Group
2008 SEX AND DESIGN, Conceptual Product Design, Group
2008 NOT-IKEA, Conceptual Product Design, Group
2009 BARBARBOOK, Conceptual Product Design, Group
2015 PANORAMIC MEMORIES, Photographs, Solo
2018 (non)SPACE, Photographs, Solo
2018 BARBARCITY, Conceptual Product Design, Group
2022 BASIC, Wall Sculptures, Solo
2023 ARTCONTACT ISTANBUL Contemporary Art Fair, Exhibitor
2023 MIRROR, Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Wall Sculptures 
2023 RED:100, Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Wall Sculpture “REGRESSION”
2023 IAAF Istanbul Art and Antiques Fair, Exhibitor 
2024 ARTANKARA Contemporary Art Fair, Exhibitor
2024 ARTWEEKS ISTANBUL Contemporary Art Event, Exhibitor (RUZY Gallery)

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