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Saime Taktak

She was born on November 16, 1972 in Ankara. She is the grandaughter of Abdullah Taktak, a painter from Tavşanlılar, Kütahya. She completed her primary education in Ankara, and secondary & high school education in Kütahya Tavşanlı.

She moved to Istanbul in 1992. In 2009, she started her university education in Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Illumination Miniature Department. After high school, like Çiçek Derman, who stayed away from education and business for many years, who became both her teacher and idol. She studied side painting in the painting department as well as the main branch. At the same time, she started to work as an assistant in the workshop of Devrim Erbil, which she called her second school.

In 2013, she started taking illumination, paper book restoration and binding lessons at the school she graduated with honors. She is the mother of three children and is currently working as an assistant for Devrim Erbil.


Master: Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts Traditional Turkish Arts Gilding Miniature Main Branch

Marmara University Pedagogical Formation Training Program Certificate

BA: Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts

Branch (High Honor Student)


Tiryakiart Art Workshop Assistant

Devrim Erbil Art Workshop Assistant

35th International Pınar Children's Painting Competition Preliminary Jury Member, 2013

2014-2015 Academic Year Ertuğrul Gazi Anatolian High School Teacher Training

Saime Taktak profil1.jpg


Tuze Art Gallery “New’’ Karma Exhibition, 2019

Camlica Mosque Mixed Works for the Stars of the Future Exhibition, 2019

Republic of Turkey's 95th Anniversary International Plastic Arts Colony Orange Blossom "Selection" Exhibition, 2018

Tuze Art Gallery Devrim Erbil and Young Friends Mixed Works Exhibition, 2012

Sevgi Art House Group Exhibition, 2008

Moda Sea Club Group Exhibition, 2008

Bahariye Art Gallery “Bahariye Exhibitions”, 2008

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