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Nicole Mano


Nicole Mano was born on the 5th of November, 2002 in Istanbul, Turkey.

She is currently studying graphic design at Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands. She says; ”I honestly can’t remember a time when art was not a part of my life. I was always a dreamer. When I was a little girl, I would view life as a fairytale and people were heroes, princesses, villains...etc. in my eyes.


There comes a time in our lives when we have to come face to face with the reality of life, however, I did not want to lose my wonderland, so I poured everything into my paintings. My paintings are like the episodes of a tv series. They are all connected, however, each one of them tells a different story.


I feel like everyone can relate to my work because although our experiences are different we all get similar emotions.” Mano often works with different textures and layers instead of flat surfaces because her paintings are inspired by chaotic emotions and the ups and downs of life.


As a result of her creating new pieces while continuously growing and changing, her pieces represent different values. She frequently uses gold in her pieces to symbolize beauty and value. To create mystery, she uses depth in her paintings. This way, with every glance you notice another detail, and every day you discover something new about her work.


To explain how she collects inspiration, she says; “Over time, the admonitions we hear from people turn into clichés. They lose their value and their impact. But I think the lessons we learn from life are valuable enough to be seen. That is why there is a story, message, and countless thoughts behind all my paintings.





BEYOND BORDERS II Exhibition — London, UK

May 19- June 19, 2022

Links for interviews, articles, and reviews of paintings published online:

- Luxury Splash Of Art - Beyond Borders II - Miart Gallery London

- Hürriyet - “These Turkish artists brought their art to London”

- Artsy - Miart Gallery London Artists

BAAF  — Bodrum, Turkey                 

Aug. 2022               

Leon Gallery Opening Exhibition — Izmir, Turkey                   

Jun.  2022

ArtAnkara — Ankara, Turkey                                                    Jan.  2022

Context Art Miami - Miami, USA

Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, 2022

Link to artworks presented:

Context Art - Miami - GAMA GALLERY Artists: Nicole Mano


IAAF — Istanbul, Turkey                                                           Nov.  2021

BAAF — Bodrum, Turkey                                                         Aug.  2021

‘LAYERS’ Solo Exhibition — Istanbul, Turkey

Apr. 21 - May 9, 2020 

Link to article: 

Artful Living Magazine- “Masal Bahçesinde Bir Gezinti” - (20 March, 2020) 


Invitation to the Beştepe Presidential Complex — Ankara, Turkey          

January 20th, 2021

Was chosen to attend the reception at the Beştepe Presidential Complex upon the invitation of the Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency Dr. Hasan Doğan as an artist to represent the Turkish Jewish community and gifted a painting to Dr. Hasan Doğan.

Şalom Newspaper - “Conversation with the Young People at the Presidency” - (February 1, 2021)


Distinction Award — Israel                                                                                       2015 

Special Mention Award, and 5th. place at the ‘My Family Story’ International Competition among  30,000 contestants from all around the world organized by Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People in Israel. The first, one, and only attendant from Turkey. 



Gama Gallery  — Istanbul, Turkey                                                                  

2018 - Present

Became Gama gallery's youngest artist at age 16. Since then, I have been exhibiting my sculptural paintings at exhibitions and art fairs around the world, among reputable artists.


Miela Istanbul — Istanbul, Turkey                                                                    

2020 - 2022

Designed clothes and patterns for Miela, a retail clothing brand for women.


Music Video Production

Produced the music video for  ‘şarabı marabı31.12. 2020

Produced the music video for ŁV - TIRTIL (Official Lyric Video)2019


DESA — Istanbul, Turkey                                                                                

2018 - 2019

Painted and customized bags at fashion shows and events for DESA, a Turkish fashion brand with expertise in leather garments and footwear.

Şamdan - The attendees at the fashion show adored the Desa products personalized by Nicole Mano


Album Cover Design


Designed the cover of the music album ‘Kanatlarla’ on Spotify

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