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Naz Sirmen

Born in Istanbul, Naz Sirmen graduated with a degree in Arts and Social Sciences, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University in 2013. She now resides and works outside the city of Istanbul where her studio is. Sirmen is currently working on and making her new earring designs as well as continuing her illustration work. She believes in the power of constantly generating work an important practice for creativity.

Since childhood Sirmen’s interest has been all about colors. Her mixed media art includes different materials from oil painting on plexiglass to paper cut outs of her sketches bringing volume to her two dimensional work. Her expressionism truly conveys her different view on how we integrate talent and skill within the developing world.

The often use of masks in the artist work symbolizes the attitudes people put on to change the perception of others around them. The roles and responsibilities given by the community, pushes individuals need to use the masks to change the outside perception. Sirmen argues that we must stop hiding behind these masks to find our true selves. The use of plexiglass plays a big role in her definition of connecting to our true self we have buried within.

The artist argues that; In order to not lose our qualities and alienate our personality, we must learn how to shine from underneath these masks. She believes that the only real thing in life is to accomplish the balance of our inner and outer world. The desire to accomplish the emotional, spiritual and meaning of this we must define and understand these masks. Sirmen’s growth and expansion of the work is owed to the exploration of this.

“The diversity and voice of my work expands with everything that the universe has to offer me. Each one of my pieces carry their own personality as well as unite one another. The circles I draw within my work represent the offerings of the universe; its endless ability to create opportunities as well as teach us what life is really about. I believe that without breaking free from one cycle we cannot move on to the next one.

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