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Meral Yıldız

Meral Yıldız was born in Istanbul in 1958. She started the Yeditepe Univesity Plastic Arts Department in 2000. She moved to the USA in 2002 and continued her arts education at the School of Museum of Arts in Boston, MA. She moved back to Turkey in 2010 and completed her education at Yeditepe in 2012 with honors. She finished her masters degree in arts with a honors in 2014. She is currently enrolled in the doctorate studies at Yeditepe.


Her solo and mixed exhibitions include Contemporary Arts in 2017, İstanbul Biennal in 2016, Sacred Text by Gama Gallery in 2015, Pinelo Gallery in 2015, Time in Yeditepe at Ekav Art Gallery in 2014, Hey I Am Here at the Halic Shipyard in 2014.

According to the art critic Marcus Graf, “Creating art, resembles for Meral Yıldız a spiritual journey, in which during the artistic production process, her mind transforms into an altered state. She then goes beyond the known in order to discover alternative dimensions of life and its reality. In this context, she feels close to Kandinsky’s mystical notion of painting, and at the same time loves Gerhard Richter’s formalist approach to colour and texture. During her impulsive painting processes, she wants to get lost by losing the ego that forms her personality. In the end, she erases herself”.

Meral Yildiz produces her work based on the “unity of belief” principle in sufism. Her work includes elements such as “love, unity, spirituality, emotions, mystisicm, depth, emptiness, the secrets of dimensions and colors and finding one’s self”. 

“First, there was nothing. Then the depth of nothing”.  

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