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Evren Temel

Evren Temel is from Istanbul, Turkey. She started to paint when she was a child. Painting and creating have always been a passion for her. Evren Temel believes this passion comes from her genes because she comes from a family with strong artistic background. Evren Temel graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of City and Regional Planning.

I remember almost every painting that I made in my whole school life was exhibited at the school. While I studied city planning at the university, I continued to paint and create some things. After some years of working as a city planner, I decided to spend the whole of my time and energy on painting, and I started to study hard to gain my second profession.

I’ve been working professionally for 15 years in my own studio in Istanbul. In my paintings, there are many references to my education at the university. It can be seen in geometric forms, lines, angles, etc., especially in my early works. The form has always been the most important aspect of my work. On the other hand, the main subject is the figure.

Researching the forms of my figures has been my starting point… while doing this, I cut the forms of the figures into pieces. It can be said that these are cubists, but I have never intended to define my works on any “-ism”…… In short, I’ve always tried to find a painting language of my own.
Although my figures have sharp lines and forms, I try to give them emotion. The contradiction between sharp-ended lines and soft emotional figures is so challenging and fun for me.
Solo exhibiitions:
2007 Mert Dostal Kultur Sanat- Tesvikiye- Istanbul
2007 Galeri Soyut- Cankaya- Ankara
2008 Vakıfbank Sanat Galerisi- Levent- Istanbul
2011 Tepebası Belediyesi Kultur Sanat-Eskisehir
2012 Galeri Soyut-A Salon-Ankara
2014 Galeri Selvin - Arnavutkoy- İstanbul
2016 Galeri Kirmizi-Urla-İzmir
2018 Atila Ozer Karikaturlu EvSanat Galerisi-Eskisehir

Common Exhibitions
2003 Bir Kultur ve Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul
2004 Bir Kultur ve Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul
2005 Pi Artworks, Ortakoy- Istanbul
2009 Cumhuriyet Kadınları, Sevart Galeri, Nisantası-Istanbul
2009 Opera Gallery, Hong Kong
2016 Yeni Aralik Sergisi, Galeri Soyut, Ankara
2019 Trafo Sanat Merkezi, Bodrum
2022 Art and Antique Fair, Istanbul
2022 Ankara Art Fair, Ankara
2022 Vancouver Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2022 Context Art Miami, Miami, FL
2023 Modern + Contemporary Art Fair, Palm Beach, FL
2023 Context Art Miami, Miami, FL
2024 LA Art Show; Modern + Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA


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