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Eric Peyret

Born in Pau in 1964, Eric Peyret is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Decorative Painting in Paris. For many years he has produced wall paintings and “trompes l’œil” abroad, particularly for hotel groups (United States, Australia, Gulf countries and Brazil). From 1998, his love of classical and contemporary architecture inspired him to turn to more personal work in which he seeks a combination of more realistic figuration and a geometric abstraction induced by the theme. He treats urban life as one might have treated the ideal city during the Renaissance, by adding humanity through colour, atmosphere and balance without necessarily having the explicit presence of people...


Personal and collective exhibitions

Galerie Lefeuvrel Fb g St Honoré/paris 2006/2007/2008 ;/2009

Galerie Marie Ricco/ Calvi 2008/2014

Gallery 2l2ll Bierut (Lebanon)

Urban Callery (Paris)

Calerie Bartoux /Honfl eur/Pari s

Galerie 89 .av de la erande armee.75 Paris

Galerie Australe/ile de la Reunion

Artexpo New York 2006/2007

GMAC Paris

Chicago:Water tower Sofitel

Damas:Four Seasons Hotel

Relnolds fine aflstJew haven Connecticut USA

Smeiik and Stokking/Amsterdam /Den Haag Netherlands

Patricia Acal.Madrid(Spain)

Upcoming 20 14 personnal exhibitions

Fan a porter.Vindemia gallery.Dubai .UAE

202 1 .Beyrouth.Lebanon

Art Club Gallery.rue de Rivoli.Paris

Gallery 89.av de la grande aflnee Paris

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