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Dominique Barreau

One of the most important French contemporary artists, Dominique Barreau was born in 1966 , in 

St-Pierre-de-l'Oleron, France. After graduating from L'Ecole des Arts Appliques of Bordeaux, he 

begins his art odyssey in La Rochelle, in 1990. He wins 1st Prize at the Salon d'Art of Poitier in 1996.


In 2000, he opens his own gallery in St-Pierre. His success crosses borders, he exposes his works in 

many contemporary art fairs, in many towns, ranging from Hong Kong to Hamburg, Sydney, etc. Coming from a small island, Barreau could certainly have painted marine landscapes, but fascinated by the megacities, he chooses to reflect his impressions of sound, chaos, crowd and the contrast between modern and traditional.He finds refuge in megacities, attracted to urbanization and modernization.


While exploring the megacities he collects in his memory every little detail; back home and after a period of maturation, he works passionately, relying on his visual memory, but mostly on his sensual memory. In fact he captures the sociological moment of megacities.

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