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Dilara Aygün

Dilara Aygün was born in September 1986, in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Fine Arts Faculty Art Painting Department in 2010 holding the title of the second best student. Her acquaintance with fluorescent paints and first attempts go back to the second half of her BA studies. It was in 2010 that "Locked-Up Women" could meet art-lovers as the first personal exhibition of the artist who has always been standing against the commoditization and standardization of women for the sake being turned into objects of consumption.

In "Locked-Up Women 2" exhibition (2011) which was a sequel of this series, her intensified thoughts and improved technique, her innovative works that were experimented in various field such as decoration and textile, met the audience, where fluorescent/neon materials were used independently from canvas.

The pursuit of the artist on neon paints was expectedly not limited to canvas, decoration tools and shoes. In this period, she continued to score with art and entertainment lovers in Istanbul by presenting lots of neon installations and indoors/outdoors regulations that shine in darkness. That was black light art…

Dilara Aygün who didn't compromise from her neon palette - limited with 6 colors - in her third personal exhibition "Palm and Fish" (2016) aims these colors that interact with black lights and actually are organized according to them, to pass the existing limits and generate the "Neonism" movement. The masterpiece of this exhibition is "Palms Night" painting, inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night".


You can see this painting as a part of the artist's fourth exhibition "Dark Cube", within STROKE 2017. This painting that can be classified as "Neon Impressionism" is a ceiling painting. It includes two different celestial maps and it is possible to view three different impressions under three different light reflections which are blue light, black light and daylight.

"Dark Cube" that you can view within STROKE 2017, represents the revolt of the artist towards social, cultural, political, humanitarian and artistic limitations in Turkey. During these painful days while justice is tried to be effaced by creatures that believe they are king vultures, while the traces of the old empire are tried to be brought to life by today's concretion-lover political regime, as if Turkish Republic has never existed, and art is retrogressed one more step day by day, "Dark Cube" tells the independence story of a lot of "birds" which flutter to gain back their freedom...

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