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Caroline de Boissieu

Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, following which she increasingly concentrated on graphic art and fine art, which are at the heart of her professional career.


Early in her career, whilst living in the USA, she forged a reputation as a leading graphic designer for children’s illustrated books. After her return to France, she established her own design studio, specializing in textile design, and graphic designs for wall papers and frescos. This led to several years of work with Cacharel, with whom she was responsible for the graphic designs of household textiles, tableware and paper goods – all made under licence.


Her success in such a varied professional life is living proof of her vivid curiosity, and deep knowledge of a wide palette of artistic media. It is therefore no surprise that since 2000 Caroline de Boissieu concentrates on her own paintings, for which she explores and develops many different techniques (photography, serigraphy etc.) beginning an intimate research in order to find the techniques most revealing of her emotions.


n 2004, after several experimentations she finally found her personal expression, unique and original; evoking the poetical frontier between dream and reality, where the unearthly sublimes everyday materiality.


Caroline de Boissieu’s work evolves ever since in her free creative process, her latest works picture the assurance of a fragile world revealing a sensitive universal harmony.


Her work is authentic and emotional. Her precise choice of techniques remains composite, the mixture symbolising both the force of her convictions and the sensitivity of her eye as an artist and a woman.


The guideline of her creative quest combines power and delicacy through her work on water and the infinite array of subtle transparencies allowed. Visual and intuitive paradox of the unearthly revealed by the reality of the picturesque elements.


The quality of her work and her unusual artistic approach attract number of collectors; Caroline de Boissieu regularly exhibits her works in France and abroad. They are also present in foreign collections.

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