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Can Sarıçoban

Can was born in Istanbul on September 21, 1987. In 2004, while he was studying chemistry at university, he became interested in visual arts. As a result, he began training himself in the different practices of visual arts, especially cinema and photography. After completing his degree, Can settled in Paris and began to Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne. In 2009, he began his master’s degree in photography at Spéos and began to work professionally as a visual artist. In 2011, he started a cinema degree at Le Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français. His work during this time included photography and video works for the fashion and arts website "La Couture" and professionally photographing Paris Fashion Week. At the same time that he was working as a photographer for various clients, he also exhibited his own photography and short film productions. In 2013 he had his first solo exhibition in Paris and participated in several other group exhibitions. In 2014, he took some phD courses in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Additionally, he started master of philosophy in 2020. He continues to exhibit his artworks in solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. He wrote his first novel ‘Düşler ve Hiçlik’ in 2020.



-Context Miami- USA, 2021

-New Wave – 2020, Gama gallery, İstanbul

-Let’s Dance – 2019, Zino Lounge/Gama Gallery, İstanbul

-Retroactive – 2019, Zino Lounge/Gama Gallery, İstanbul (Le Backstage & Bardaki Yabancı)

-Deranged – 2019, GX Gallery, London (group exhibition)

-Deranged – 2018, Gama Gallery, İstanbul

-Bardaki Yabancı – 2017, Gama Gallery, İstanbul

-Le paysage de la solitude -2017, Gama Gallery, İstanbul

-Le Backstage – 2016, Gama Gallery, İstanbul

-Preview – 2014, Gama Gallery, Istanbul (group exhibition)

-Au bord de la Karadeniz – 2014, Galerie Speos, Paris

-Le paysage de la solitude – 2013, Galerie B&B, Paris

Art Fairs – Festivals

 -Black Star, Gama gallery/İstanbul 2021            

-New Wave, Art Weeks Akaretler 2020

-Let’s Dance, Art Weeks Akaretler 2019

-Deranged, Art Ankara, Contemporary Art Fair 2019

-Bardaki Yabancı, Fotofever Paris 2017

-Bardaki Yabancı Fotoistanbul 2017

-Oyun, Contemporary İstanbul 2015

-Sessiz, Kısaca Film Festivali 2013

-Sasha, Festival Arles 2011

Films and Video Works


-Fragman  - 2019

-Kindergarten  - 2018

-Asafated Tout va bien  - 2017

-Tango  - 2017

-L'amour sans titre  - 2016

-Atalet  - 2014

-Oyun  - 2014

-İsimsiz  - 2014

-Oú est donc passé Klara? Trentemøller  - 2013

-La nuit de l'éternité  - 2013

-Une petite histoire de la Musique Jazz Manouche  - 2012

-Pelin  - 2013

-Le souffle lointain  - 2012

-Sessiz  - 2011

-Le rêve de l'automne  - 2011

-Sessiz  - 2011

Earlier Exhibitions


-Les Six Femmes - 2011, Speos galerie, Paris (group exhibition)

-Sasha - 2011,Speos galerie, Paris (group exhibition)

-La fille dans la noir - 2010, Speos galerie, Paris (group exhibition)

-Les fruits noirs - 2010, Speos galerie, Paris (group exhibition)

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