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BUBI is a Turkish / Jewish artist.
He was born in Istanbul, and studied psychology.

1979: Together with Nihat Sümeralp, he founded Koleksiyon Art Gallery and directed it until 1989.

1989: He founded the “Lâmi Sanat Galerisi. with Hüsamettin Kütle and directed it until 1992.

1989: He published and directed the Lâmi Sanat Newspaper with Yalçın Sadak.

1990: Founded ”Bubi Workshop for educational purposes.

1990: He proposed his project Fu Art Fair 1990 to PSD.

1991: 1. He established and coordinated the 1. Istanbul Art
Faculty with PSD.

1995: He was general coordinator, artist and venue selectionist of the ‘A Gallery in Every Showcase’ Exhibition in Nişantaşı.

Bubi’s work from the “Cage” series was sold at Christie’s in 2015 for 37.500 USD

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