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Beste Alperat

 Beste Alperat was born in Ankara. She graduated from Ankara Ataturk Anadolu High school. After that she studied in METU in the faculty of Architecture. In 1990 she graduated from CP department.

After graduating from METU, she moved to Istanbul. She worked for Municipality of Uskudar, under the department of construction.

While working in the municipality she became leader of a project, which emphasizes the importance of statues and monuments in urban architecture. Then she worked in different architectural offices and also in her own office in Istanbul.

From 2015 she decided to study and work on her most passionate subject “sculpture”.

She held a personal exhibition and also participated in various national exhibitions such as Contemporary İstanbul,art week,art and antique fair ... and also international exhibitions in Paris ,Cannes,London,Miami,New York.

She is a member of Devrim Erbil Foundation and ACT “Assosiation des Artistes Contemporains de Turquie â Paris”.

She is also a member of the International Plastic Arts Association.

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