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Art Manifesto

Art and science are the two most important elements in sustaining our lives. As much as we desire peace, war is the bitter truth of our lives. It was present in the past, and will continue to be with us tomorrow. The only difference is that war in our day is the race between science and technology. When we take a look at the classic era battles; religion, power and woman play a great part. It is possible to encounter these descriptions in my works. Extremes in emotions, fondness to classic and approaching these elements with a realistic perspective is because of the fact that I think emotions of our day became dull. The compositions I animated around the trinity of love, betrayal and war carry the influence of renaissance and baroque eras which I admire greatly. I find my own reality in this technique. Works I express as effort, invigorate with the meaning I attribute to it. My most authentic thought in art is the meaninglessness of deformity without knowing form.

Behzat Feyzullah profil III.gif
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