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Alyâa Kamel


Alyâa Kamel, is a Swiss Artist of Egyptian descent, born in Geneva in 1975. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she continues her studies at the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Her various artistic research leads her to the painting. The experience of working in artists studios provides her with technical know how and assurance. Her cultural diversity pushes her to an emotional introspection that is strongly reflected in her work; a desire for absolute fusion re-creating the beauty and mystery of our universe.


When Kamel was in Cairo in 2011, coincidentally the revolution raged in Tahir Square. With all of these happenings, her inner self slowly marched towards the recognition of a newer, more unique me: her life changed. She began an intensive creation. She started to interweaving colours and textures to find herself, or rather, lose herself. The Revolution inspired her. The once abstract lines became clearer and more defined. Under her brush and pen; people appeared. These are ordinary people: men and women. They want to live only and live well, take responsibility for who they are and who they aspire to be.


Kamel’s art is not only about the people of Egypt – where an important part of my own journey began – but people all over the world. My art is global, but also individual. Working directly in Istanbul allows her to create bonds with new people and draw inspiration from the inner workings of the city and local culture.


The Artist moved her canvases and brushes to the charming old town of Geneva in 2008, setting up an art studio open to curious neophytes and connaisseurs alike. She continues her art works still in Geneva.

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