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Alex Timmermans


Alex Timmermans never imagined that a photographic process,

which has been invented by Archer more than 160 years ago,

was going to have such an influence on his passion for photography.
Alex Timmermans, born in 1962, is a self-taught photographer with

a strong liking for ancient photographic techniques.
For him. working on the wet plate process made photography

inspiring again. He presents his storytelling pictures as being a

movie made by just a single picture. All made by using a simple wooden  camera, antique brass petzval lenses, a huge amount of patience and with one of the most beautiful photographic processes called colloddion photography or also called wet plate photography. 
In 2012 Alex started with a new series called “storytelling”. He produces fine art photographs filled with strange and surreal elements that suggest a variety of interesting narratives and with a touch of subtile humor. A series  carefully composed tableauxs which are delightfully whimsical and often provocative in their narrative style.
Alex spends hours desiging and making the needed props, searching for the right locations, waiting for the best light. Just to make that single picture suitable for his series.
His goal is to make his pictures exactly at the same was as they used to do more than 160 years ago. No Digital cameras, no photoshop  except dust cleaning) but pure Photography.
Although the series is called “Storytelling” he has no message with his picture. He loves to challenge the viewer to come up with their own story. What they see in the pictures he produces.

His work is exclusively being sold through his representing galleries in Europe and the US and has been exhibited during international art fairs like Paris Photo Los Angeles,  Photo Shanghai, PAN art fair Amsterdam, Art Palm Beach and many others.

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