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Çağlar Tağcı

Çağlar Tağcı was born in Denizli in 1990.

He took art classes to attend Faculty of Fine Arts’s talent exams. During the same period he stayed away from his dreams due to health problems.

In 2014 he went on his art education with workshops and also he worked as an art educator.

In 2017 he had his own art studio in Denizli.

His Works have been exhibited in national and international art fairs, art festivals and group exhibitions. His Works take part in national and international special collections.


About His Art

Tağcı, illustrates themes of ‘’universe’’ and ‘’creation’’ . The artist who designs his artworks basis with geometrical shapes creates abstract surfaces in a clear and disciplined way. With the combination of control and coincidence on abstract surfaces, he creates dynamic color explosions with the help of techniques of pouring, dripping and splashing paint. The artist who set sup the regular and irregular forms of the universe in his mind creates his own dynamic and rich universe in his works.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘’First Meeting’’ Turan Bahadır Sanat Galerisi – Denizli

2019 ‘’Cosmos’’ – Denizli

2022 ‘’Infinity’’ – Gama Art Gallery - İstanbul



2020’’ 1 st place in ‘’15. SAKÜDER Art Competition’’

Çağlar Tağcı03.jpg
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